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DATES    Jan 20 - Feb 17 - Mar 16 - Apr 20 - SUMMER BREAK - Nov 16 - Dec 14.
                   (Meetings are on the 3rd WED of each month). 

TIME        7:00 to 9:30 PM.

PLACE     The Royal Canadian Legion, Norwood Branch, No 178
                    11150 - 82 St. NW
                    Edmonton, Alberta
                    (780) 479-4277
                    Meeting is in the dart room, adjacent to the canteen.

AOSA MEMBERSHIP is $25/person/year and $10/spouse or $5/person/meeting   APPLICATION FORM (Please bring exact payment to meeting)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
SUBJECT The video "Cruising the Red Sea" was shown, to the enjoyment of all, and they never saw one pirate!  

Meeting Date, Time & Place


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

SUBJECT 1 Annual General Meeting   Green Boating.

SUBJECT 2 Sailing from Horta, Azores to Oban, Scotland by Bettina Meuller and Jeff Foster.





In July and August of 2015 Bettina and Jeff Foster from SBYC sailed aboard the blue-water training vessel, Mahina Tiare III, a Hallberg-Rassy 46 owned by John and Amanda Swan Neal.  The crew sailed  from the Azores, making several stops in Ireland then past the Giants Causeway at the North of Ireland to sail Scotland.  Along the way they encountered a gale to round out their learning experience.  Come join us as they recount their trip.  Meeting Date, Time & Place


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SUBJECT 1 - Business Meeting.

SUBJECT 2 -  In previous meetings Bob Goethe presented an enthusiastic preamble to the Celestial Navigation course that he taught at the Edmonton Yacht Club last summer, a thoughtful personal personal exploration of Man Overboard recovery techniques, and recollections of a return delivery trip from Hawaii to Victoria (Vic Maui Race in Reverse). 

Bob returns with a retrospective on the Celestial Navigation course and his thoughts on future courses as well as updating us on any new thinking about MOB recovery.  Sure to be another lively discussion.

Meeting Date, Time & Place


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SUBJECT - Mr. C. Yule has built a three section, cedar strip, nesting tender, without plans; that he will bring to the meeting.  A nesting dinghy can be a real spacer saver where deck space or other storage is limited.  This should be interesting for all you wood bashers and epoxy gurus out there.   Come listen to his "how to" presentation.

Meeting Date, Time & Place

Enjoy the summer sailing season. See you in November.

Summer break for sailing & stuff.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ELECTIONS - For the following positions (elected shown):

  • Commodore (Phil Sutton).
  • Vice Commodore (Charlie Patching).
  • Secretary (Linda Payne)
  • Treasurer (Ron van Amsterdam).
  • Communications (Bob Schimmel).
  • Fleet Captain (Jim Spalding).

Pssst.  The 2016 executive position were be filled by acclimation.

SUBJECT (Importing a Sailboat) -  Dan Meade, the 2016 Fleet Captain of SBYC, will discuss importing a sailboat.  I had Panache tied to the SBYC dock this summer to work (and waste time) with Bob Brunelle when Dan and I started comparing notes on boat repair.  (Spray lithium grease is really good stuff).  That's when he said he'd owned several J boats, importing them all from the good ole USA.  He talked about the process of buying, the logistics of hauling, and documents required for the border crossing.  So..... this was a natural subject for an AOSA meeting.

Meeting Date, Time & Place


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SUBJECT (Cruising Great Slave Lake) - Unknown to the rest of us walking the SBYC dock this past summer John Semple quietly got on with  preparing his boat for an upcoming adventure.  Ever since his work with the Canadian Coast Guard its been a life long venture to sail to the East arm of Great Slave Lake.  John installed several huge solar panels on the transom that had enough generating capacity to put the Sundance power plant to shame.  So we all wondered what he was up to.  Then one day the boat disappeared from his slip.  When it reappeared of course I had to ask all the inquisitive questions.   That's when he told me that they hauled their Tanzer 26 to Hay River to cruise on Great Slave Lake.  I won't bore you with all the Hay Riverites we both know.  Come listen to John discuss his preparations, launch, mast stepping procedure, provisioning, destination, trip adventures, etc. 

Meeting Date, Time & Place