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Events Hosted Index - Midwinter Equinox Dinner & Dance - Swap Meet - Fun Race - Voyage of Discovery - Northern Alberta Cup
The AOSA Midwinter Equinox, Dinner & Dance - 2009-01-24 - This annual social event marks the halfway point between when the boats were pulled out of the water to when they go back in.  Most times it coincides with Robbie Burns Day in which case piping in the haggis is a very formal ceremony.  For some people sampling the haggis is a ceremony in itself!  All sailors are invited.  

Where - Royal Canadian Legion
             Edmonton, Alberta.


When -  Saturday, Jan 24.
             Cocktails at 5:00 PM
             Program at 5:30 PM (dinner to follow shortly afterwards)
-    $ ? / person. (dinner, pipers, haggis & dance, not gratuity). 

Someone from AOSA usually coordinates a table and ticket sales but tickets may be bought at the front door.  top


The AOSA Swap Meet - Pssst, bring your valuable junk because someone else is willing to buy it! The "nautical garage sale" is the perfect place to pick up that elusive trinket you've always wanted. All sailors are invited. 

WHEN:          Mid winter
WHERE:       (Usually the Boat warehouse)
SETUP:          Bring a table or tarp to display your stuff.
OPEN:           13:00 to 15:00 (or when the stuff is gone)
CLEANUP:    Always.



The 32nd AOSA Fun Race & Trivia Contest is Normally held in Mid August - This annual event is for any type or size of sailboat with crew of any capability.  There are many skippers who race solo, just to make things interesting, and others who are looking for crew.  Above all, the race is focused on fun which is guaranteed if Alley Kat Brewing sponsors the event.  Some years there are other sponsors.  If you don't compete in another race then you should at least enter this one as it's open to all sailors.  CYA membership is not required.  There is very little of that start line jostling for position that keeps so many people away from formal racing.  In fact it's not really a race but more of a fun cruise with written instructions similar to a car rally.  Water fights are not discouraged and many crews exhibit real ingenuity.  "A real hoot," as Jim would say. 

RACE FORMAT - The race is normally scheduled for the Saturday before the August Civic Holiday but may change.  The skipper's meeting is held at EYC at about 12:00 with the race starting at 13:00ish.  The course may change to suit current weather conditions, but in general it starts just off the EYC dock, turns at a class marker, then goes to the old Poole Sail Club, back to SBYC and finishes at the EYC dock.  Jim Spalding, who is THE trivia nut on the lake, makes up a written trivia contest that you complete out on the water.  The race instructions are imbedded in the questionnaire, so it good to have a crew member who can read and write!  PS: Bring a pen and your reading glasses!  (It pays to stay abreast of lake events during the year, know some local history, know something about sailboats, plus some automotive and aircraft history, amongst other things).  To date there are two cruiser classes and a dinghy class.  If enough unique boats show up, well a third class can be created!  White sails only. 

EYC DOCK - The EYC dock as shown above changed in 2003 to two parallel docks.  This is such a good photo that I like to keep it.  Interestingly enough two parallel docks was the original configuration to deal with strong Easterly winds.  Unfortunately it leaves little space for transient boats.  So if you are competing in the Fun Race and arrive early, it is requested that you hang a couple of courtesy fenders on the free side of your hull and open your lifeline gate to indicate that you will permit another boat to raft up next to you and walk across your hull.  The later arrivals will appreciate this. 

BBQ - The race culminates in the evening with a steak BBQ at 6ish.  There's a  $15.00 per person entry fee to pay for the trimmings: potatoes, salad and beer.  Children under 12 are $6.00.  Prizes are awarded after the barbecue.  The party goes well into the evening with many boats staying overnight on the dock.  If the weather turns foul for staying on the dock, anchor in Sunshine Bay. 

DONATIONS - For information or donations of prizes please contact Organizer at (780) xxx-xxxx (hm) or hail Vessel Name on VHF Chan 16 or alternate organizer at (780) xxxx-xxxx. 

REGISTRATION FORM - Print and complete the registration form at home, then submit it at EYC on your arrival.  It helps to avoid the congestion.

Click here for photos of the 2004, 2005, 2008 (last year this event was run) Fun races.  top


The AOSA Voyage of Discoverie, 2016-08-11 & 12 (Sat & Sun) - The Voyage of Discoverie is run each year to introduce new sailors to different anchorages around Wabamun Lake and to learn the correct techniques for overnight anchoring.  By joining the flotilla you can learn in the company of "experts" who are willing to help you, rather than struggle on your own. It's a great learning experience. 

The flotilla usually starts from the west end of the lake around "noonish" on a Saturday and sails to a point unknown for the evening raft up.  The final location is always weather dependant.  The highlight of the evening is an onboard cookout and gourmet swap during the raft up.  Be warned, the gourmet swap sometimes turns into a cooking contest of sorts, but don't let it intimidate you.  Come prepared with sufficient food and drink to last the evening and into the next day.  Bring your creative culinary skills and a small BBQ if you have one.  Many people will obtain victuals from the Seba Beach Farmer's Market or other exotic Houses of Import.  Vessels equipped with a large galley will assist those not suitably equipped.  The raft up will break well before sundown to leave sufficient time for individual boats to find suitable shelter.

The Plan:  (Subject to weather and consensus:)

Saturday AM:  Obtain voyage stores from Seba Farmers Market and other Victuallers and Houses of Import.
Saturday 13
 Depart from your harbour, join the flotilla off Seba and proceed easterly.
Saturday 16
Raft up off an "uncharted Wabamun Lake shore" to be determined by the flotilla flagship.   Don't be surprised if the location changes at the last minute.  Mother Nature may be fickle.  Once rafted up the rigour is to slow down for the social hour and exchange Hors dí Oeuvres, followed by dinner if you still have space in your stomach. 
(Boats with large galleys, propane, etc. will assist boats not so equipped).
Saturday evening:  Dissolve raft up, boats to anchor nearby for the night.
Sunday: Return to home port at leisure.

REQUIRED GEAR - Equip your boat with all required, or better, CCG safety gear.  Bring your fenders and lines for the raft up, good ground tackle for overnight, sufficient consumables and drink to support extended voyaging, chart and astrolabe. 

VHF PROTOCOL - If you wish to join the flotilla then hail the Voyage of Discovery fleet captain on VHF 16 some time Saturday morning All sailors are invited, sail and power. 

The cruise home may turn into an informal race! top


The AOSA Northern Alberta Cup - This annual Labour Day weekend regatta is for pocket cruiser sailboats.  It's hosted by the AOSA and is organized by a different club each year.  The second day of races usually counts as the first race for the Fall Series. A double whammy. 

This is a CYA/ASA sanctioned event so please present your CYA membership card and/or your current yacht or sail club membership card at registration time. It's an insurance issue. If you are not currently a member of a sailing club, you may purchase a weekend membership for $20.00 from EYC who graciously offers this service.   Notice of race.

Click here for photos of the 2004 2005(canceled) 2006 Alberta Cup Regattas. top