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Sailboats & Stuff for Sale in Edmonton Area.

The Sunshine Bay Yacht Club informally hosts this function for boat owners in the Edmonton area. Please go to their Yacht Yard for full details or to view the current items for sale. Their site is now self serve in that you may add or delete your item online without the web master. Such a convenience. Items are categorized to make it easier for a buyer to find an article. Please keep your listings current by updating the contact information and deleting your entry after it is sold. 

USED BOAT INFO - Want to know some statistics of the boat you are interested in? Click on used sail boats in Central Canada. This site has excellent reference information and sketches of many popular boats ranging from 16 to 42 feet LOA. It has very good advice for a first time buyer. 

FINANCIAL CONCERNS - If you are considering buying a boat or purchasing the services of a marine company, you might want to investigate if there are any liens against the boat before you leave your hard earned cash on the counter. This would include buying a used boat, moving your boat over land, a marina slip, boat repair, boat storage, etc. The last thing you want is to have your "baby" tied up in some legal battle. Check out the web site of MARINE LIENS

NOTE: Since the AOSA web site has some extra storage space and the Yacht Yard cannot display a picture, an AOSA member may list their boat for sale on the AOSA web site for a limited time.  Please keep in mind that this web site is limited to 15MB and if I need to add a new listing, the oldest will be removed. I will not duplicate a listing found on the SBYC Bulletin Board. Marine "stuff" will also not be listed here if the annual AOSA nautical garage sale happens.  If you are in a hurry to sell your "stuff" then send an email via the AOSA distribution list.  The following boats are listed for sale in the order in which they were received. 

FOR SALE, (click on the name for details)



   1    5  Macgregor 26C
   2    Mirage 24
   3 Tanzer 22 - Name?  
   4  Mirror Dinghy  



  C&C 27 - Quincy  (Sold 2016)   Mac 26 - Serendipity Too (sold 2017)
  Aloha 8.2 - Kalisto (Sold 2016)   Formula 31 - Riff Raff II (sold 2016)
  Freya - San Juan 28 (sold 2014)   Anteres - F31R (sold 2013)
  Edel 540 - Queen's Eagle (Sold 2012-10-19)   Mini 12M (sold 2013-06-19)
  San Juan 28 - Second Chance (Sold 2012-01)   SJ28 - Lady Lass (sold 2012)
  Edel 540 - French Kiss (sold 2009)   Katie Anne - Catalina (sold 2009)
  Windtracker, Mirage 29 (sold 2008)   Gonzo, Hot Foot 20 (sold 2007)
  Walker Bay 8 Dinghy, 2 British Seagulls,
  2 heavy duty engine stands. (sold 2008)
  Magic, Santa Cruz 20 (sold 2008)
  Ole, Islander 28 (2006-05-22)   Wind Dancer, SJ23 (2006-06-06)
  Run Away, SJ7.7 (2006-07-26)   Jalapeno, Santana 23 (2006-10-06)
  Ikon II, C&C 27 (Sold 2005-11-18)   Bagheera, San Juan 24 (2006-04-14)
  Elansa, Albin 25 (Sold 2005)   Juanderlust, SJ23 (sold 2005-09-26)
  Snow_Goose (Sold 2022)   San Juan 28 - sails and hardware