2005 FUN RACE (under construction)

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This is the 24th consecutive year of the AOSA Fun Race and was sponsored again by Alley Cat Brewing. It's largely due to Jaye & Jim's efforts that this event works so well. In fact the race started late as Jim had to make one last trip to Drayton Valley to pick up some donations from a sponsor. What a dedicated guy. 

Date: Saturday July 30th Noonish at EYC.
Start: 13:30ish off EYC dock.
Bring your own steak barbeque to follow (6:00ish), salad, potatoes and beer provided. 
Awards presentation after BBQ.
 For donation of prizes please contact Jim Spalding at 483-8378 (hm), S.V. Rhumbo Ch.16.

NOTE: Please read "Thoughts for Next Year." at the end. 






Unfortunately the weather man did not cooperate with us this year. We woke up for the morning of the race with 35kn winds, gusting to 45kn. The afternoon didn't promise any improvement as the forecast was 55kn gusting to 75kn with a 60% chance of rain.  This sucked.  With that in mind the race was switched to an event we could hold in the calmer waters close to shore, rowing the Opties between the docks, with one paddle. Not an easy task I tell you.  It is a tricky balance between pulling for speed and not scooping water over the bow. The angle you have to hold your body at is very awkward. 


AWARDS & SPONSORS, (without whom this race could not run).

It should be noted that when Jay handed out the multiple prizes to each boat, one prize was for each crew member. This was done to reduce the presentation time. As you can see from the load of prizes in her arms, some of the crews were big this year!

  1. Alley Cat Brewing - Neil Herbst for a keg of his wonderful bubbly stuff. Everyone looks forward to a mug of this stuff at the end of the race. It goes down sooo easy on the dock at the end of the race. 

  2. Swanson's Picker Service of Drayton Valley - Elmer Swanson. (780 542-3217).

  3. North Sails - Dave Miller.

  4. Driving Force - John Blimke.

  5. Premay Equipment - Duncan Cook.

  6. Canadian Leak Detection - Jeff Armstrong.

  7. Pacific Yachting.

  8. Atco Gas Blue Flame Kitchen - Barb Barnes.

  9. Boat Craft - Don.

  10. Company Coming Cook Books - James Bryl.

  11. Running Room - Mike Mandzatt.

  12. Westaim - Doug Murray.

  13. Micheline Pelland.

  14. TransAlta - Keith Matwichuk.


 Dinghy Class - Not run this year.

Trivia Contest - (open to all).


Class A Cruiser - over 24'


Class B Cruiser - under 24'


The AOSA Fun Race is the best attended cruiser race on the lake. It is extremely successful due to a very energetic organizing committee that has fine tuned this event to what it is today. However, the committee feels that more can be done with all the energy in the sailing community and we are therefore contemplating a new direction. One that will give something back to society.  For example, a fund raiser that will see each boat raising money for a charity of their cause or for all boats to work towards a common charity. I'm sure there are many other worthwhile projects. We should be able to take advantage of existing corporate funding of which I'm told there is no shortage. Discussions are still in the preliminary stage and we welcome any input.  Jim Spalding & Bob Schimmel. 

See you next year.