Racing Scene - Local, World, Solo, PHRF

Wednesday Night Racing - More affectionately known as "beer can" racing. There are two versions of this "race" running  concurrently on Wabamun Lake. One at the west end of the lake and the other at the east end.  By far the greatest number of boats participate in the eastern event. From what I'm told you can volunteer as a crew at either event. 

  1. WEST - SBYC round the buoys starting at 19:00 (ish). 


World Class Crewed Regattas

Annual Strait of Georgia race.

 Vic Maui
Bi-annual Victoria to Maui race.

 Cadillac Van Isle 360 - A Bi-annual around Vancouver island race with overnight stops at 11 communities.

 America Cup  
Cup Views  
Match racing between two clubs from competing nations. Held every 4 years.

 Volvo Ocean Race
A crewed round the world downwind race with several stopovers. It is held every 4 years and lasts about 8 months. 

 BT Global Challenge
A solo round the world against the wind race. It is held every 4 years and lasts about 8 months. 

 The AOSA Fun Race -
A logistically difficult, bring your own steak, event run annually on Wabamun Lake, regardless of the weather! 

  Vendee Globe - Around the world, single handed, non stop, without assistance. Starts in France, down the Atlantic, around Antarctica and back to France. Avoiding icebergs around Antarctic makes this one of the most gruelling races in the world.

  5-OCEANS - The Premier  solo round the world crewed race. 5 grueling legs, with the wind. It is held every 4 years and lasts about 8 months.  Follow Derrick Hatfield in his new Open 60 Spirit of Canada, for the 2006 race.

This race was previously called Around Alone and prior to that the BOC Challenge. 

  Jules Verne Trophy - Bruno Peyron and an 18 man crew have completed their quest by beating the old record of a crewed race  around the world in 80 days in their maxi catamaran, Orange II. Amazing graphics on this web site.

World Class Solo Races

  Tony Gooch - Completed a non-stop solo circumnavigation, Victoria to Victoria, 2002. 

  Ellen Macarthur - Ellen has beaten Francis Joyon's record. She now holds the record of being the fastest solo, nonstop, unassisted, around the world sailor; 71d-14h-18m-33s.  This on her 70' B&Q trimaran, Mobi, built expressly to beat this record. What an effort.  Live data, video and audio on this site. 


PERFORMANCE HANDICAP FLEET of New England. - A great source of PHRF information and a number of other related links. You can learn a lot about your boat by comparing it to others. The handicap rating for the Wednesday pursuit racing is drawn from this web site.

RACING RULES OF SAILING - The ISAF has just launched a new Internet location for the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). The RRS are now presented in a downloadable format, with clear top level menus routing through to sub-menus and required information.

There have been changes to the RRS since they were first published in 2001 and all changes are clearly detailed in a downloadable format for inclusion in your rulebook. Standard documentation included within the Racing Rules, such as Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions and Protest Forms are also accessible.

The Racing Rules Question and Answer Service, provides for any International Judge or Member National Authority to submit a question to the Q&A panel, which will provide an answer, with the aim to assist judges to apply the rules in a consistent way. Go to