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History - The RRYC originally organized an ad hock pursuit race in 2001 to assist the sailors berthed in the Wabamun Marina to improve their sail and boat handling skills. As the skills improved so did the competition. The informal races quickly became a regular event. After a few years the Wednesday Night Pursuit Series was run by the Wabamun Marina sailors and attracted an average of 15 boats per night, with entries occasionally from PSC, EYC or SBYC. 
As of 2014 Wednesday night racing started at the East end of Wabamun with the majority entries from SBYC and EYC. 

General Race Rules.

Handicap System - This a white sail pursuit race run on a sausage course. There is no committee boat at the start line. The success of this event is in it's low key operation and as such demands honesty on the part of each entrant. Each boat has a time handicap and the skipper is expected to follow the time honoured tradition of not cheating by crossing early.
The handicap ratings are extracted from the New England PHRF web site and are posted on the Wabum Marina club bulletin board. In order to promote as much participation as possible, the line is drawn at those boats having a PHRF of 186 or slower. Any boat faster than that is excluded from the competition or races in another division.

Course Location - This is a sausage course. The start/finish line is located south of the Wabum Marina and inline with the Genesee power plant. Hard to see through the tree on the South shore. The second mark is on a heading of 2350 in the bay at the Southern end of lake. This one of those races where you can really benefit from having a GPS receiver. Each mark is too far away to be seen, even with binoculars, and the SW leg may be directly into the setting sun. 

Race Directions - Since this is a sausage course, leave the start mark to starboard then go on a heading of 2350 to reach the other mark at the Southern end of lake. Round the second mark to starboard (turn right) and return to the start line, leaving the mark to port. If the hour is not up, continue racing till someone calls the race on channel 68.  It is very rare that a boat will cross the start/finish line before the hour. Once the hour is up note your position relative to other boats around you.  This is your finishing position for the race.  It might be useful to make a waypoint on your GPS in case of a dispute. When the race is done return to the Wabum Marina, You're homeward bound for bragging rights and barley sandwiches. 

Race Day Fourteen Wednesday nights of racing starting in the beginning of June and completing in the first week of September. The dates have more to do with the amount of daylight left in the evening than anything else. 
Start Time  

19:00 sharp. One 5 minute horn is blown at 18:55.  Synchronize your watch with the GPS. If your handicap is 5:20 then your start time is 19:05:20. 

Race Duration  

1 Hr - 19:00 to 20:00.


VHF channel 68.

Entrance Requirements  

All boats with PHRF higher than 186 are welcome. Simply show up on the race course and the 'on the water' recording person will find you to enter your boat in the series.